Is It Possible To Recover Deleted Evidence?

There are many criminals who work hard to ensure that they slow down the investigation process. They do this by deleting digital evidence while trying to cover up their mistakes, and also drag and fail the case at hand.
This action is commonly used by criminals who use computers but who are not necessarily computer gurus, meaning that retrieving whatever information they deleted is possible with a little more effort. There are many areas that the computer forensics examiner can look while trying to locate the deleted file. Normally the first thing that one needs to do is find out exactly where the deleted file is. Once it is found, the rest is easy.
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How to Become a Computer Forensics Examiner

There are many computer gurus all over the world but there are no many computer forensics examiners, though the number seems to be increasing with every passing day, due to improved communication technologies.

A computer forensics examiner works like an investigator and takes a look at evidence that has been stored electronically or kept in digital media. These Medias include gadgets like the media players which are portable, flash disks, home or work computers and CDs. The computer forensics examiner extracts information from these Medias and the information received can be used in the ongoing investigations or can be used as reliable evidence in court.
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